Daily Resident activities are endless and sometimes the hardest part is deciding which event to attend! You never know what fun you’ll stumble upon at this great mix of clubs and groups.

Open Art Time - All Media

Location:  Rec Center Building, Art Room/Cherokee Hall

Meets:  Friday  |  Noon

Art Classes held December – March.


Billiard Club

Location: Rec Center Building, Billiard Room


Nineball:  Monday  |  6:30-9:30pm  |  $2 Entry Fee

Nineball:  Wednesday  |  1:00-4:00pm

Contact:  George Garrity  (406) 249-8366

There is a weekly league for all players, men & women, regardless of skill level. Based on the number of participants, format and partners will be determined. Sign up sheets are posted outside Billiard Room. Players need to be in Cue Room 15 minutes prior to start.

Book Club

Location:  Rec Center Building, Ocotillo Room

Meets:  3rd Thursday of the month (October- May)  |  12:00 Noon

Contact:  Donna Lyda  (303) 328-7738  or  Merle Baisden  (503) 502-7664

Ceramics Club

Location:  Rec Center Building, Art Room/Cherokee Hall

Meets:  Tuesday  |  9:00am-4:00pm

No instructor – We all share our expertise & have lots of fun!

Co-Ed Putters Golf

Location:  Golf Course – Putting Green

Meets:  Friday  (January – April 15)  |  3:30pm

Contact:  Susan & Richard Boytinck 780-835-8470

All you need is a putter and $1.00. Join us for Happy Hour afterwards.

Diamond Painting

Location:  Ocotillo Room

Meets:  August through April, Last Sunday of each month|  2 – 4pm

Please bring your Diamond Painting Kit to work on.

Garden & Birds Interest Group

Location:  Saguaro Room

Meets:  1st Thursday of each month | 10am

Contact: Jan Bubb, [email protected]

Meet your neighbors who love birds and gardening. Bring any books to share.


Horseshoe Club

Location:  Sports Complex, Horseshoe Pit

Meets:  Tuesday and Thursday  |  10:00am

Horseshoe club invites you to come join the fun!

Ladies Golf

Location: Golf Course

Meets:  Tuesday and Thursday mornings  |  Time varies

Contact:  Brenda Matthews  (623) 428-7259

Membership Fee:  $30 Annually

All skill levels welcome. We have 9 and 18 hole groups. Regular green fees apply. Members will get a sponsor and a handicap will be established. Come join the fun!

Lions Club

Location:  Chef Peter’s Bistro

Meets:  1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month  |  11:00am

Contact: Steve Kramer –  [email protected]

The Sun Village Lions Club is part of Lions Clubs International and is a “service” group here within Sun Village that provides a number of services. They provide camperships to Lion’s Camp Tatiyee, the gleaning of trees within Sun Village to keep rodents out of the community, recycling bins for paper/cardboard and aluminum cans, annual BBQ and Swap Meet fundraisers, and collect packaged goods for the Hart Pantry (an organization for at-risk youths).

Join our group to help others!

Lions Club Website: Surprise Sun Village Lions Club – Lions e-Clubhouse

Mens Golf

Location:  Rec Center Building, Multi-Purpose Room (MPR)

Meets:  1st Thursday of month  |  1:00pm

Contact:  Dennis Hamlin  (620) 629-0288  or  Dan Hughes  (612) 240-1714

Membership Fee:  $40 Annually

Membership is open to all male Sun Village residents. Membership allows you to compete with the club members on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Various tournaments are held during the year. Every club member has a handicap, which allows fair play for all competitors.

Mixed League Golf

Location:  Golf Course

Meets:  Friday  |  8:00am

Contact:  Larry Clark

Fee:  $2 when you play (used for prize money) and Regular green fees apply.

Two-person scramble – one man and one woman per team. 9 holes, alternating each week between the front and back nine.
No handicaps or memberships required. Sign-up in Pro Shop by 4:00pm Wednesday to play that Friday. If you cannot play once the pairings are posted, you must call to cancel so a replacement can be found.

Pickleball Club

Location:  Sports Complex, Pickleball Court

Meets:  Club information and court schedules can be found posted at the Sun Village courts.

Contact:  Cid Rowekamp  (248) 762-1472  or  [email protected]

Membership Fee:  $15

All skill levels are welcome and sign-up sheets are posted at the court for beginner and intermediate lessons.

Pilates/Yoga - Video

Location:  MPR

Meets:  Wednesday  |  7:30 am | Pilates

Meets: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri | 7:30 am | Yoga

Contact: Ida Gutcher 623-546-8267

Location:  Far East End Leading to Pima Lake

Meets:  Tuesday  | 1:00 – 1:40 pm | Yoga Stretch Get-Togethers

Meets: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri | 7:30 am | Yoga

Contact: Ida Gutcher 623-546-8267

Ping Pong Club

Location:  Rec Center Building, Multi-Purpose Room (MPR)

Meets:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday  |  10:00am-Noon

Contact:  Peter Hill  (719) 237-1953 or Mike Torres  (323) 574-3507

We have loaner paddles and all skills welcome.

Saguaro Sun Striders Club

Location:  Rec Center Building, Residents Lounge

Meets:  1st Wednesday of the month (Oct-April)  |  7:00pm

Contact:  Elyn Lewis  (503) 515–3550

Saguaro Sun Striders is part of the American Volkssport Association, AKA “America’s Walking Club”. Schduled group walks and updates will be posted on NextDoor. Everyone is welcome to walk with us.

Sewing Room Group

Location:  Rec Center Building, Sewing Room


Open Sewing:  Tuesday  |  Morning

Quilting & Crafting:  Thursday  |  9:00-11:30am

Open Sewing:  Saturday and Sunday  |  All Day

Shuffleboard Group

Location:  Sports Complex, Shuffleboard Court

Meets:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday  |  10:00am

Supplies are furnished. Come join the fun and enjoy playing! 

Players:  Please wear your name badge.

Stained Glass Club

Location:  Rec Center Building, Stained Glass Room/Cherokee Hall

Meets:  Sign-up sheet for classes are posted on our window and are limited to five people.

Contact:  Gladys Warner, President 361-557-0399, Fran Ferry, Vice President 623-910-1238

Membership Fee: $20 Annually


The Stained Glass Club offers beginner classes for free and are held the 3rd Monday of each month (subject to change depending on participation level). 

Stitchery Group

Location:  Rec Center Building, Sewing Room

Meets:  Monday  |  1:00 – 3:30pm

Contact:  Mary Ann Fitzgerald  (815)222-7764  or  Carol Brown  (623) 214-1480

There’s no requirement or dues, and we meet all year.

Tennis Club

Location:  Sports Complex, Tennis Courts

Meets:   Courts must be reserved on the schedule at the tennis courts.

Contact:  Monica Thomas (414) 412-8622 or Linda Hall (303) 775-9792


Walk Aerobics

Location:  MPR

Meets:  Monday – Friday |  8:30am | Walk Aerobics Video

Contact: Lorri Mohrweis (623) 251-5130

Location:  MPR

Meets:  Saturday 8:30 am | Wednesday, Friday 3:30 pm | Walk Aerobics

Contact: Donna Hoel (715) 202-0508

Water Aerobics

Location:  Recreation Center Pool

Meets:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday  |  8:00am

This is a small self-instructed group that meets in the pool to workout together.

Woodshop Gang

Location: Rec Center Building, Woodshop  (located on the NE end of the Center)

Meets:  Weekdays  |  9:00am-Noon  and  1:00-4:00pm

Woodshop is not just for woodworking. We sharpen knives at a very reasonable rate ($1.00 per blade or 6 for $5.00).

Drop by any day, Monday-Friday, during our open hours.


Writing Group

Location:  Rec Center Building, Saguaro Room (Upstairs)

Meets:  Monday  |  4:00- 5:00pm


MAY-OCT:  Colleen McNeese  (720) 839-1835

NOV-APR:  Kristi Houska  (701) 739-5160

The writing group is a nice way to get to know some new friends and to share stories in a small group.  Get-togethers are very informal and it’s fun!