Association Office Phone
(623) 584-6904


City Of Surprise & Other Community Phone Numbers

Sun Village Community processes a variety of requests from homeowners and their guests. You may request assistance from the Main Association Office for your specific needs. Our services include:


Amenity Keys and Name Badges may be obtained through the Main Association Office. You may also request updates to your personal information as well.


RESIDENTS ONLY may obtain a Guest Pass for their guests or expected vendors.

A HELIAUS Welcome Letter is sent to ALL residents, inviting them to establish an online profile creating a seamless encounter at the gate for your guests and vendors. Once you have created your account and profile, you may add guests or vendors through this site. Allied Security will not be able to take phone requests for Guest Passes.

If you have not received the “Welcome to Heliaus” email, or if you have questions about accessing HELIAUS, please contact the Association Office at (623)584-6904 for assistance.



Forms and applications are available on the cart outside the community center, or, we can also email them to you. Please call the office at 623-584-6904 if you need assistance.



If you have lost or found an article anywhere in the Village, please check with the Main Association Office.


Copies & Fax Services are available to residents. A Lifestyle/Activity Office volunteer can assist you with your copy needs during normal business hours.


Please stop in the Main Association Office for assistance in requirements for owners and guidelines for renters.


All vehicles maintained at Sun Village by residents must be registered. A  windshield sticker enables smooth entry for residents’ motorized vehicles, including golf carts, into SV’s gated community. Should you experience any difficulties, please stop by the Main Association Office for assistance.



The following information is provided to assist homeowners and to promote a safe and enjoyable living environment for all residents, to preserve property values and to maintain Sun Village as an aesthetically pleasing place to live.

There are many reasons why people choose to purchase a home within a Homeowners Association. One of the most important is the expectation that the restrictions you agreed to when you purchased your home will be enforced. It is never pleasant to receive a compliance letter, but it is part of the process we must follow to ensure compliance with the Association’s documents – along with regular inspections of the community. If you do happen to receive a compliance letter from the Association your cooperation in promptly correcting the issue is appreciated. If you have questions or concerns regarding the letter please contact us. In the spirit of mutual cooperation and respect we can all work together to keep Sun Village the beautiful place you chose to make as your home.


Village residents. Here are some reminders of the Sun Village CC&R’s parking restrictions which everyone agreed to when they purchased their homes in Sun Village. These rules apply to renters as well:

Garage & Driveway Parking

Vehicles may not be parked on sidewalks, curbing, greenbelt or landscaped areas. Vehicles should be parked in garages.

Street Parking – Guest parking is allowed on the street after obtaining a parking pass from Access Control or the Association Office.

Golf Carts
– Golf carts may only be parked in a designated cart or automobile space in the driveway or behind the side gate providing the gate is screened so that the golf cart is not visible from the street. Golf carts may not be parked and/or stored on any landscaped area or any sidewalk.

– You are allowed 48 hours within a seven-day period to load/unload only while parked on the street in the front of your home. Safety cones must be placed in the street at the front and rear of the RV. At no time are slide outs to remain open overnight.

Handicap Parking
– Please do not use a Handicap designated parking space unless you have a Handicap license or appropriate Handicap permit clearly visible on the vehicle.




Please contact the Association Office to provide or update your In Case of Emergency contact details!