There are many opportunities to stay healthy and fit in the community. We have lots of fun classes to enjoy during the week.

Please be aware that some classes may be on hiatus during the summer.


Pilates - Video

Location:  Rec Center Building, Multi-Purpose Room (MPR)

Meets:  Wednesday  |  7:30am

Contact:  Ida Gutcher  (623) 546-8267


Walk Aerobics - Video

Location:  Rec Center Building, Multi-Purpose Room (MPR)

Meets:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday  |  8:30am

Contact:  Lorri Mohrweis  (623) 251-5130

Water Aerobics Class

Location:  Rec Center Pool

Meets:  Monday and Wednesday  (NOV-APR)  |  9:00am

Contact:  Donna Brown, Facilitator  (623) 240-2308

Aquatic exercise at Sun Village is a low-impact activity that takes the pressure off your bones, joints and muscles. Water offers a natural resistance, which helps strengthen your muscles, improve heart health, and reduce stress.

Groups of residents still meet over the summer months, but they are self-instructed and meet at varies times.

Water Volleyball

Location:  Rec Center Pool – Co-Ed

Meets:  Monday-Friday  (OCT-MAY)  |  1:00pm

Yoga - Stretch Get-Togethers

Location:  Far East-end leading to Pima Lake

Meets:  Tuesday  (OCT-MAY)  |  1:00-1:40 pm