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Sun Village
Wedding Album 2020

June has traditionally been the most popular month for weddings. The month of June derives its name from Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage and it was thought that couples who married in June would be blessed with prosperity and happiness.

But of course, not all weddings happen in June and successful relationships are not gauged by the month of marriage, however since June is known as “wedding month” … we’d like to celebrate all weddings by creating a virtual Sun Village Wedding Album this month.

Who doesn’t love taking a walk down memory lane through beautiful wedding photos? Whether it be a union that has stood the test of time, or one that blossomed later in life; big weddings, small weddings, church weddings, Vegas weddings, court weddings, and even shotgun weddings (haha) … we wanted to see them ALL!

A big thank you goes out to our photobook sponsor, Chuck Bills, with Remax Professionals, for providing a $50 VISA giftcard prize. Each submission was entered in a random drawing.

Our randomly selected winner is is MR. & MRS. MARVIN TRIDLE.

Sun Village
Picture Perfect Pets on Parade

Pets are a beloved part of our family and come in many shapes and sizes. Their diversity and unique personalities are what make them so special to us and their presence has a powerful way of positively impacting our lives.

During these times, a little cheering up from those adorable furry faces sure goes a long way.

Sun Village pet owners were invited to spread a little sunshine by sharing photos of their treasured pets for our “Picture Perfect Pets on Parade” online photo book. All entrants were eligible for our prize drawing of a $50 PetSmart Gift Card, generously provided by Danita & Bri of Libertas Real Estate.

Our randomly selected winner is “Banjo” – the newest member of the Walter & Doreen Gray household.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this virtual pet parade. Be sure and take a look at the photo album by clicking the link button above, and viewer beware … be prepared for an overdose of CUTENESS!!!