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Picture Perfect Pets On Parade

Sun Village
Picture Perfect Pets on Parade

 Pets are a beloved part of our family and come in many shapes and sizes. Their diversity and unique personalities are what make them so special to us and their presence has a powerful way of positively impacting our lives.

During these times, a little cheering up from those adorable furry faces sure goes a long way.

Sun Village pet owners were invited to spread a little sunshine by sharing photos of their treasured pets for our “Picture Perfect Pets on Parade” online photo book. All entrants were eligible for our prize drawing of a $50 PetSmart Gift Card, generously provided by Danita & Bri of Libertas Real Estate.

Our randomly selected winner is “Banjo” – the newest member of the Walter & Doreen Gray household.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this virtual pet parade. Be sure and take a look at the photo album by clicking the link below and viewer beware … be prepared for an overdose of CUTENESS!!!