Established in 1986, Sun Village began as a west valley oasis surrounded by open desert and agriculture. The original project master plan was to construct a large community of Condominium Villas and independent Villages consisting of individual homes, each with their own clubhouse and pool.

Apache Village was the first phase of condo development. Units were built in groups of 6 and 8 with 168 homes in total. Once sales completed in Apache, the development of Arapaho took place. This Village would include the Casita concept, with units built in groups of 4. This added 302 homes and brought the total Condo population to 470 homes.

In 1987, construction began on Zuni Village and it was built in accordance with the independent Village concept, consisting of 276 individual patio homes with a central pool and clubhouse. It was later decided this arrangement was impractical and the concept was scrapped to make room for more home sites in the other Villages. A 47,000 square foot Recreation Center and a large resort-style pool were built to serve the needs of the entire community.

First in the stand-alone development was Comanche Village I, consisting of 6 homes (initially model homes), and years later the second phase, Comanche II, was completed; adding 8 more homes for a total of 14. Pima Village was blossoming at the same time, adding 85 more stand-alone homes to Sun Village and was completed in 1991. Sales and building in Hopi Village began shortly thereafter, contributing 109 more homes to the community. Work began in Shawnee Village in 1993 and upon completion, Sun Village gained an additional 121 homes.  Kiowa Village developed in three phases which started in 1993 and a total of 143 homes were built by the end of Phase 3. Pueblo was the last Village to be developed and was patterned after Zuni, but without their own unique amenities, with a total home count of 164.

Upon completion in 1995, Sun Village Community consisted of 10 Village Sub-Divisions with a grand total of 1382 homes beautifully situated among lush landscape, manicured greenways, beautiful lakes, water features, and amenities galore. And nearly 35 years later, the Village is still a sparkling little sanctuary in the sun!


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