Monday-Friday 9 am-12 pm and 1 pm-4 pm, and occasionally on Saturdays.

The Sun Village Woodshop is located at the north end of the Community Rec Center with plenty of parking nearby.  The shop is a very popular amenity, where the creative hands of resident craftsmen are put to use. It is a fully-equipped woodworking shop, with lathes, table saws, drill presses, hand tools, and specialty equipment. Large workbenches fill the room with plenty of space to plan and work on projects.  The Woodshop has a state-of-the-art filtration system that helps to keep airborne sawdust particles to a minimum.

Woodshop membership is limited to Sun Village residents.  Guests are not permitted to operate the equipment.  As a safety precaution, a woodshop monitor must be present during open hours and all members are required to complete a basic safety training class before they begin using the equipment. Classes are conducted by Woodshop monitors and appointments can be made by setting up a specific time with the monitors during normal operating hours.

The Woodshop has approximately seventy members and dues are currently $20.00 per year, payable in January. Monies collected help pay for the purchase of new or to replace worn equipment and routine maintenance.

The woodshop membership hosts an annual community-wide social and fundraising event in an effort to gain membership and raise additional funds.  The Woodshop offers a multitude of low-cost services to fellow Sun Village residents, such as sharpening knives, fixing, and repairing home items. Stop by and ask one of the monitors or a member how much of a monitory donation is suitable for the services you need.

The woodshop membership is always happy to provide service and assistance to the community.

Club Officers:

Ron Minchella, President
Bill Rueter, Vice President
George Helfrich, Treasurer
Bruce Fredrickson, Secretary